Live like you’re in Vancouver - From the comfort of your living room

    Vancouver city map art print

    1. Bring the outside in

    While the city of Vancouver is known for its rain and great sushi, a large part of what makes Vancouver such a beautiful place is its beautiful natural surroundings. Nestled between mountains, ocean and rivers, Vancouverites love to get out into the great outdoors whenever they can. 

    If you’re looking to live like you’re in Vancouver, but from the comfort of your own living room, a great interior design tip is to bring the outdoors in. Incorporating plenty of greenery and natural elements and textures into your decor will bring you a bit of that laid back west coast vibe. 

    Use a beautiful smooth rock as a door stopper, keep plenty of fresh cut greens on display, and opt for wooden finishes on furniture whenever possible. 


    2. Dive into the city streets with Vancouver city map art

    A quick way to add a splash of Vancouver to your living room is with a Vancouver city map print. It’s not only a great way to add a pop of contemporary decor to your walls, but it’s also a great way to explore the city all over again. Vancouver’s proximity to water undoubtedly make a graphic map of its city streets a beautiful piece of art that will incorporate easily into any home. Find a Vancouver city map with bold poppy colors as a statement piece, or a black and white option for a more minimalist approach. 

    3. Make a recipe that’s straight out of Vancouver

    If you’re lucky enough to spend a night out on the town in Vancouver, you won’t be want for options. With cuisines from all over the world and some of the best Japanese and Chinese restaurants this side of the Pacific, there are almost too many options to choose from. But if you want to re-create a Vancouver-inspired lifestyle at home, then there’s one thing you must master how to cook: salmon.

    Whether you’re cooking it on a cedar plank in the barbeque, smoking it in the deck in a smoker, perfecting the art of crispy skin in a frying pan or steaming it in a foil pouch with a soy sauce glaze, nothing beats a well-made salmon dinner. Serve with fresh greens and light sides and your taste buds will transport you halfway back to Vancouver.


    4. Watch a movie filmed in Vancouver

    Another quick way to make it feel like you’re in Vancouver without leaving the comfort of your own couch is to transport yourself through a cinematic adventure. Vancouver has long been a popular filming destination and there are many great options to choose from in terms of movies that have been filmed in this scenic destination. Whether it’s cloaked as the Minnesota suburbs in Juno (2007), San francisco in Godzilla (2014) or Big Eyes (2014), you can easily find a great movie to settle into whose city and nature scenes will remind you of your last visit to Vancouver. For the most Vancouver-based scenes and a good laugh, you can’t go wrong with Deadpool (2016) which was almost entirely filmed in the streets of Vancouver.


    5. Treat yourself to something classically Vancouver

    To put the icing on the cake in terms of living like you’re in Vancouver, but without actually going there, you can treat yourself to something a Vancouver native would make part of their regular shopping list, even if it feels like it might be a little extravagant. Update your workout wear and grab yourself a pair of name brand workout pants. Treat yourself to the best sushi restaurant your city has to offer. Splurge on a rain coat that’s actually stylish.


    However you choose to treat yourself, there are many things that we can adapt from a Vancouver-inspired lifestyle to incorporate into our own lives, wherever we may live, that make us feel a little more connected to this beautiful city. Get creative and share your home-made Vancouver updates with your loved ones for an even more memorable experience.