Travel Tech: From Practical to Luxury

    Although improving technologies continue to shape our everyday lives, in no area is the technological revolution more impactful than the way we travel. As innovators around the world continue to push the envelope, travelers reap the benefits of a whirlwind of different applicable technologies that can be the perfect traveling companions for that big European trip coming up. Here’s a look at five of the technological breakthroughs that could give you a major boost on your travels.
    GoTenna and Google Pixel Phone:
    One of the biggest sources of anxiety for any American traveling in Europe is staying in communication, particularly in the current era when we’re very rarely without a fully functional smart phone at our side. Not being able to send a text or your GPS location can be particularly tricky when in Europe for someone trying to avoid costly roaming charges, often leading travelers scrambling to find a café with Wi-Fi to get back on track. Instead of playing that game, however, both GoTenna and Google’s Pixel Phone offer terrific solutions for international travelers. A perfect replacement for a satellite phone, GoTenna is a small, five-inch stick that can attach to your backpack and bring a reliable, radio-signal based network with you anywhere you go. Even with some limitations (e.g. no picture messages), you can easily stay in communication with the rest of a travel group or even send quick messages back home to worrisome parents. Those wanting to go to the next level can make the Google Pixel Phone your next phone upgrade, giving you a fully functioning international phone that lets you avoid the hassle of SIM cards and roaming charges.
    Smart luggage locks:
    Masterlock's Bluetooth Smart lock
    As we continue to rapidly move away from the days of basic keys, smart luggage locks look like the wave of the future. Masterlock’s design connects your luggage to an app on your smart phone and completely takes away any anxiety that you might lose your keys while abroad; even if you lost your phone, you could still log onto the phone of a helpful friend and unlock your luggage. Additionally, you can even add other users as well, making it ideal for any traveling partners who end up sharing luggage space.
    Pearl Compact Mirror/Portable Charger:
    Pearl Compact Mirror/Portable Charger
    The Pearl Compact Mirror is so useful that you might be tempted to bring one even if you’ve never used a compact mirror ever in your life. Sliding easily into a purse or backpack while barely taking up any space at all, the compact mirror’s versatile USB port lets you charge any type of phone on the go, which can be extremely beneficial with your cell battery dwindling after a day of sightseeing. It even has a small LED bulb that can let you take a peek while walking the Seine or sitting down for a fancy dinner in a dark Roman alley, and your phone will be ready to roll by the time you get the check. At just $30 or less from most retailers, the Pearl Compact Mirror is a terrific backup cell phone battery that you can give you peace of mind without the expensive price tag.
    Wiz Pak:
    Wiz Pak Back Pack
    Although on the pricey side, the Wiz Pack has a few different functions that are ideal for international travelers, particularly for those who want to bring along a little music. A fashionable leather backpack with a waterproof exterior, the Wiz Pak has built-in Bluetooth speakers that can connect your phone or tablet to play music on the go, making it a particularly great innovation for group hikes and adventures. But even though the music is great, it’s the other features that stand to most benefit the international traveler, including three different ports for cell phone and tablet charging that can completely eliminate battery anxiety. Additionally, it can even send out distress signals in case of emergency, providing another layer of confidence and safety for a traveler on foreign soil.
    Ricoh Theta Camera:
    Ricoh Theta S Camera
    Capturing images while traveling has become a crucial part of the experience, opening up a completely new frontier for storing the visuals you want to remember. For those who like to take specialized photos abroad, it just got a whole lot easier with the Ricoh Theta Camera, which allows you to capture 360 degrees with a single click of a button. In addition to being able to hold up to 1,600 photos at a time, you can also capture up to a full hour of high-resolution 360-degree video, which can all be instantly uploaded and stored via Wi-Fi. A few snaps of the Theta Camera can let you recall your favorite parts of your trip in ways that ordinary photography simply cannot.
    Point Two Maps
    Travel is about flexibility and adaptation. With these gadgets you can keep your luggage light and your travel memories full. Dont get weighed down by unnecessary souvenirs with one of our custom maps, you can easily create a personalized travel memento that will be the perfect complement to any room.