Are you ready to grow your wholesale business?



    Scaling is hard. We're here to help.
    Like you, we started our business because we wanted to make a living doing the thing that we love: creating art that we're passionate about. In the early days, we were running our business during the day and then at night, running to the local print shop to print our art prints, packaging them well into the night and then dragging our packages to the post office on a lunch break. With more packaging in our closets than clothes, we new that we'd have to outsource our fulfillment if we wanted to grow our business. 

    Introducing: order fulfillment for wholesale
    You've probably heard of print on demand by now. We've been using it for years for our e-commerce shop. But as soon as we wanted to grow our wholesale business we realized that B2B needs are wildly different and much more hands on. So we created our own printing and fulfillment system and now we're sharing it with you! 

    The ordering process 
    1. You receive a wholesale order from your retailer.
    2. You submit the order to us.
    3. We print, pack and ship the order completely white-labeled.

    Your customers will only ever see your logos, branded packing slips and contact information. And we guarantee the orders: if your order goes missing in transit or arrives damaged, we'll replace the order right away at no cost to you. 

    Products available for fulfillment
    We're starting with a small selection of products to start with and will be adding more in the near future. Right now, you can order wholesale orders of A2 and A7 folded greeting cards and 12x18" and 13x19" art prints. Cards are packaged with a heavyweight white or kraft envelope in a clear cello sleeve and art prints are packaged individually with a chipboard backing and clear flap seal cello sleeve. We ship our art prints in a nested double box to ensure a damage-free delivery and cards are securely packaged in a USPS flat-rate shipping mailer. 

    We've been around the block
    We are Point Two Design Group and we've been designing, making and selling our artwork both wholesale and online since 2015. During that time we've worked with several hundred brick and mortar stores by supplying them with wholesale orders of our art prints. We can definitely thank the amazing team at Wholesale In A Box for helping to connect us with many of our wholesale customers. 

    We're 100% committed to your success
    Think of us as your new team of partners. Only when you succeed and grow can we do the same. We understand the importance of maintaining brand consistency, providing quality goods and at an affordable price. 

    Interested in partnering with us as scaling your business?
    We're looking for 5 beta testers to partner with to help us polish up the finishing touches of our fulfillment service/software. Testers will receive samples before sending orders to customers and benefit from a reduced rate. If you are interested in becoming a tester or receiving information about our official launch, please complete the form below and we'll be in touch very soon.

    We're so excited to become your fulfillment partner so that you can get back to doing what you do best: designing amazing artwork!