City Maps - a Great Choice for Decorating Walls, Halls and Rooms

    Map art is a topic we know a thing or two about at Point Two Design. We’ve been producing and selling beautiful, artistic city map wall art for years now. We’ve also learned a lot from our customers during that time - specifically, just how creative and artistic they can be. They demonstrate to us all the time how city map wall decor, for example, can accent a room, or a corridor, or a hotel suite, or a banquet hall.

    You name it - any wall, hall, corridor, or room setting can be enhanced with city map art. As you start planning your 2022 decorating priorities and projects, let’s go through some of the decor options we have at the ready for you.

    Create a Theme with City Map Wall Decor

    The beauty of city map art prints is that they speak right to what the viewer knows. Whether it depicts a destination one is intimate with, or one that’s high on a bucket list, city map art is eye-catching, and attention-grabbing. Consider the impact you’ll achieve with a city theme - in a meeting room, for example, or hospitality suite. Let your imagination run wild; compliment all your other decor and accents with city map art prints that stimulate conversation, and create just the right mood. Your city map prints can be permanent installations, or temporary, for a specific event, promotion, or time period.

    We Know the Impact City Map Wall Art Has

    We know, because we’ve provided thousands and thousands of city map art to facilities of all kinds, all over the world. We’ve heard the feedback - how guests were blown away by the look and the quality of our prints. Just a few of our delighted clients include:

    • Hotels
    • Businesses of all types
    • Airbnbs
    • Churches
    • Institutional settings
    • Commercial
    • Special events of all kinds
    • Trade shows

    The list goes on and on. Wherever there is a need to create a visual impact, with a specific location as a central idea, nothing beats city map wall art. The possibilities are endless, and so are the sizes - from full poster size to 8 x 10, and everything in between, the space you have to work with is never a barrier. There’s always a “right size''. Whether it’s an array of city map prints or a single large piece that serves as either a focal point of a wall, or if it simply provides a perfect understated background, the choice is yours - and the choice is nearly unlimited. 

    Wall Art to Compliment with Your City Map Art

    Take a look at our extensive offering of gorgeous wall art, and you’ll find that we also have a fantastic selection of complimenting artwork, to go with any city map print you choose. Think of augmenting your city map art, with a 3D version of the same area, or perhaps a map of the entire country. Once you’ve found the theme that will work for your setting or event, spice it up with the perfect add-on art. We also carry an incredible array of: 

    • Earth photography
    • State illustrations
    • Botanical prints
    • Geography blankets
    • Flag blankets
    • City map clocks

    You’re only limited by your imagination. Plus, if you don’t see what you want on our pages, chances are we can create it for you…

    Custom City Map Wall Art 

    If you have an idea or location that you want to create city map art with, we can help. Choose any city or location in the world and a color combination that works best for you. If you like, you can even add a custom message, whether it’s for a one-off special event or function, or for a permanent installation. Your custom city map will be of high quality, with spectacular detail throughout - a real attention grabber, with details you’ve picked yourself. The end result will be a print that you’ve designed yourself and something you can proudly display and talk about.


    Go Big, Go Bigger - Wall Art, Wall Mural, Wallpaper

    Sometimes, you’ve got a wall space that needs filling. In addition to our beautiful poster-sized city map art, we can also help you go bigger, with city map wallpaper and mural-sized prints. These are often used in corporate settings - custom decor for hotel lobbies, dining areas, meeting rooms, or any other large expanse of wall that needs to be filled with gorgeous wall art. Once again, you are only limited by your imagination. Provide us with your vision through a consultation, and we will help you create a wall mural or wallpaper with any type of city theme you can dream up. We’ll work with your exact dimensions and requirements, and blow you away with the final product.

    Make 2022 the Year for Spicing Up Your Wall Space

    Hopefully, we’ve already answered some of your questions and given you some ideas, when it comes to all the options you have with city map wall art. Whether it’s for your home or personal space, an Airbnb you run, a corporate space you are responsible for, or an event space you want to customize, we believe we have the wall art solutions you’ll need.

    We encourage you to take time to browse our pages, and pull your vision together from our vast inventory of stock art solutions - city map prints from around the world, as well as complimenting artwork, to make any wall space stand out. It’s as simple as picking the designs you love, confirming the details, and clicking ADD TO CART. 

    You can also dream up a design concept of your own, and our professionals will help turn it into reality - in just about any size imaginable. We take pride in the quality of our custom design services for your city map wall art, prints, murals and wallpaper. 

    Make sure your 2022 and beyond is filled with gorgeous city map wall decor. We are always delighted to hear from you. Contact us with your ideas, or questions. We’ve served customers around the globe with our vast selection and capabilities when it comes to city map art. We’d love to help you next.