Nothing Says Love Like City Map Wall Art - Gifts for Valentine’s Day

    Every year, it seems to get tougher to find the perfect way to say I Love You on Valentine’s Day. This year, think outside the box and consider a gift that can last a lifetime. We have a selection of love-inspiring prints that stagger the imagination and span the globe. 

    We’ve built our reputation on the finest quality city map wall art over the last decade. When you’re looking for the perfect expression of love for that special person, let your imagination run wild. 

    You know their tastes, their interests, and their aspirations. Very often, a specific destination, or travel in general, is on their bucket list. Or, it may be memories of a special trip together. Whatever the inspiration, a city map art of their favorite place will get the hugs and kisses you want this Valentine’s.

    Selection, Selection, and More Selection - Map Art

    One thing’s for sure, if travel or world destinations are on their mind - with such a vast selection of geographic art prints, you’re sure to find something that is perfect; something that relates. 

    We carry prints from around the globe, so you can be creative. Stay in your own backyard - city or state - with city map art, earth photography, 3D city models… or, travel the continents, with art from just about every corner of the planet. Over one thousand cities are mapped and ready to be printed and framed for you. You can even add a personalized message to that special someone, commemorating your Valentine’s gift to them. Pick from a wide assortment of print sizes, color schemes, paper types. Make it a street map, or a shot from space. There’s just so much variety and choice.

    Geographic Art Prints - If We Don’t Have It, We Can Make It For You

    Of course, we’ve got a huge selection already in stock, but it doesn’t end there. If you can’t find what you want within our inventory, we can create a print according to your specific needs. Our Custom City Map Prints let you pick the location - any location - and have it created exactly the way you want it. Size, color scheme, message - the selection is all up to you.

    Get really creative, and develop a theme of destinations, maybe in a variety of print sizes. We can produce prints as small as 8 x 10 inches, as up to 24 x 36-inch poster size, and several sizes in between. Think of the possibilities - a state, country, or even world tour of destinations, in map art prints.

    Unique Gifts for Valentine’s Day 

    Over and above the widest selection of city map art prints, we also have a dazzling array of art prints covering imaginative subject areas. This Valentine’s, for that special someone, consider:

    State or Province illustration prints - commemorate that special place with gorgeous print art focused on a special spot in the country.

    Earth photography - a view like no other - prints of locations on our planet, as seen from space.

    Botanical art prints - we have an incredible selection of elegant vintage-inspired botanical art prints, for the special still-life or nature-loving person in your life.

     Zodiac prints- consider our collection of watercolor constellation prints, covering the whole zodiac. Pick the sign that means the most to that certain someone. 

    Geode wall art prints - when Mother Nature gets to work, it can be truly stunning; pick from our collection of geological masterpieces, in the boldest natural colors only nature could produce.

    Aside From Posters and Prints

    When you’re on the lookout for something truly different this Valentine’s, we have some truly unique and artistic gift considerations, over and above our spectacular selection of wall art prints:

    State Flag Blankets - soft and durable, our selection of mid-weight throw blankets is truly something different. Every state in the union is represented. Made from 100% cotton thread, and delicately woven together, measuring 50’ x 60”. Durable, so it’s long-lasting, and soft and comfy at the same time. Each piece is individually woven and therefore its own work of art.

    North-South Blankets - we have them representing Canada and California. The same quality design and dimensions as our State Flag line, these spectacular blankets depict a visual tour from north to south. Talk about a different type of Valentine’s gift.

    Modern City Wall Clocks - inspired by our city map art prints, these clocks will communicate not just the time to the person you love. They depict a special location as well. We have them in stock - locations around the globe, in high quality, modern, battery-operated wall clocks. Dozens and dozens of locations are in stock, but if you can't find the location you want, we have the capability. All of our clocks have a solid wood body, 10 inches in diameter, and 1 inch deep, in a variety of finishes.

    Go Big This Valentine’s Day - With a Mural

    Make sure you get your message of love across in a big way, with a wall-sized custom map wall mural. Our services don’t stop at poster-sized art. We can provide city map wallpaper, custom-sized to any wall dimensions you have. There’s still time to get us your details, and we’ll work up a price for you within 1 day. Our murals and wallpaper say L-O-V-E in a BIG way.

    Let Your Imagination Run Wild and Travel the World This Valentine’s Day 

    Sure, you can always fall back on the traditional “flowers and candy” this Valentine’s… 

    Or, you can really communicate how you feel about that special someone, with a gift catered specifically to them, and the places they love most, with city map art, space photography of the earth, botanical art prints, zodiac prints, and more, all the way up to a wall-sized mural. Show them you’ve taken the time, thought about them, and picked something just for them. 

    We hope some of these ideas have inspired you for Valentine’s Day 2022!