How to Visit Barcelona Without Actually Going There

    Barcelona is one of the most popular cities in Spain, which is a traveler's dream. This city has its own identity, full of delights like historical architecture, various cultures, creative buildings designed by Antoni Gaudi in the early 20th century. 

    But due to the pandemic, traveling has become very hard, and Travelers are itching to go back traveling again to their favorite destinations. In this article, we have gathered different ideas on how you can visit Barcelona without actually going there.

    Decorate Like Barcelona 

    One of Barcelona's prominent aspects is combining its old classic charm with new modern vibes. The modern decor ideas may be of minimalist designs, but the best part is combining them with traditional Catalan ceiling designs or colorful tiles. 

    Along with that, owning a plant-like Cactus or other plants that can survive with just a little water is inseparable in Barcelona interiors. You can play around with different sizes, different designs of plants. Similarly, adding greenery to the room is Barcelona's thing as it reflects the small streets in the center of the town.

    So to get a vibe like Barcelona, don’t be afraid to play with colors, flashy tile designs, ceiling designs, and don't miss out on greenery.

    Bring the City to Your Place With City Maps 

    Another way to get that Barcelona vibe in your house is to own city map wall art or city map wall decors. A Barcelona city map print will be an eye-catcher for sure in your room. Cerdàs city designs in earlier centuries which is engineered so beautifully, relying on small and regular blocks brings the city's uniqueness towards other cities.

    As I said earlier, Barcelona is a charming city. Not only well-engineered, but Barcelona is gifted geographically too. Located in the Northeastern corner, in Spanish Levante, it sits about 5 km wide, surrounded by Collserola mountains in the west, Besos river in the north, the Mediterranean river in the east, and the Llobregat to the southwest. 

    So if you want to own Barcelona's city map wall art, it comes in minimalist black, which is combined with a white color combination, representing the old classic architecture Barcelona vibe with a modern fling. Since it comes in simple colors and designs, it can fit with any decor in your room.

    Also, if you want a larger size city map art that makes more impact and covers up bigger space, you can order custom city map prints atpointtwodesign.com, where they will work to design art that perfectly fits your space.

    Sip On An Exotic Spanish Drink

    Spain is famous for various drinks, but the popular drink in Spain, which may be unfamiliar to tourists, is Vermouth. The majority of the city's cafes and restaurants include Vermouth in their menus with their own version of the drink.

    Vermouth is a sweet fortified wine, white or red, but mostly red. The typical way is to serve straight. But combining with a slice of orange or an olive is also preferred by many. 

    Cook Delicious Spanish Food

    The Spanish food is super tasty and satisfying. Each city in the country has its special dish, and the most common dishes commonly served in most parts of the country are paella and tapas. 

    However, I will mention another dish in this article that is also one of the most famous food in the country, Tortilla Espanola. It's a simple dish, which is an omelet stuffed with potatoes.

    How can an omelet and potatoes together go wrong, right? It is an uncomplicated dish to prepare, and the things required to cook this beautiful dish are just eggs and potatoes, and it gives a delightful flavor that hits the spot. Tortilla Espanola can be served with rice or as a filling in sandwiches and can be eaten any time over the day.

    Watch Famous Movie Set In Barcelona

    You got Spanish decors, drinks, and food; what else are you missing? A beautiful Spanish movie or a show. To feel like you are in Barcelona, a film shot in Barcelona is a must.

    You can choose from various movies, but you can go with The Spanish Apartment. It is a romantic genre movie, where two students spend a year in Barcelona. Another option you can choose is Vicky Christina Barcelona, starring Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johansen which is also shot in Barcelona. 

    Similarly, if you are with your kids, you can choose different animated Spanish movies like Coco, Pachamama, Vivo, and many more. It will give you quality time with your family and make you feel in Barcelona with your family.

    Treat Yourself To Barcelona Souvenir

    In this article, the last thing I mention that Barcelona is very famous for is their chocolates. Barcelona is full of chocoholics where you are can find chocolate in different forms around the city. It is claimed that Barcelona brought chocolate for the first time in Europe.

    So why not grab a bar of Spanish chocolate that is rich in taste? You can grab Spanish chocolates like elAlmendro, Lindt, Simon Coll. Enjoy these chocolates with your family after dinner as a dessert. You may want to buy more than one because these chocolates are full of crunch and are very delicious that will melt your heart.

    At this very time, it is challenging to travel. So why not try creative things that may take you to the place you want to go? Surround yourself with beautiful things that reflect the uniqueness of the destination you want to go to.