Feel Like You're in Chicago Just By Sitting In Your Room

    If you are thinking of traveling, you are the one who has to cover all the expenses. But everyone knows that, right? The question that frequently arises is, "Why are aircraft tickets so expensive?"
    There may be different answers to this question; it may be due to pandemic situations, bankruptcies, or merges. Even the price of the cheapest flights has gone up, making traveling in 2022 very difficult. 
    Similarly, Chicago's ticket prices are also very high, and this situation makes many travellers who want to visit this beautiful city think twice before traveling there. So how can you feel like you are in Chicago without actually going there?
    We have gathered different ideas on how you can feel like you are in this beautiful city just by sitting in your room.

    Create Chicago Style Interior

    Chicago, also known as 'Windy City', is one of the best cities to choose from for interior designs. The citizens here are always looking for fun and clever ways to celebrate, including their interior designs. 
    Most of the houses in Chicago have neutral colors, and grey recede with deep blue and teals is Chicago's signature interior color combination. In fact, Blue is the city's favorite color, and it's no surprise how much blue color you can see here. 
    You can find baby blue built-in furniture like cabinets to dark midnight blue on kitchen islands, combined with funky lightings which spice things up. Adding these funkier lightings plays a vital role in Chicago's style decor.

    Surround Yourself With City Maps

    It's not always possible to change all the decors in your house as in the city you want to be, right? So what is that thing that gives you the vibe? The answer is a Chicago city map wall mural or Chicago city map art prints
    When the city burned down in 1871, Architects like Frank Lloyd Wright and Miles Van Der Bowe gave rebirth to this place. Sitting in Midwest Metropolis, the city is full of never-ending energy. From busy sidewalks to stunning skyscrapers, roads full of traffic to quiet streets with line rows of homes, Chicago has its own uniqueness to it.
    Having Chicago's city map wallpapers in your home will bring that never-ending energy vibe to your home. In fact, you can find the city map art in simple black combined with the white color combination, which can fit in any decors in the room.

    Classic Chicago Cocktail

    Chicago is not known for classic cocktails like New York or San Fransisco, but there are some cocktails that belong to the Windy city. 
    One of those cocktails is Old-Fashioned. The reason for it is that in the late 1800s, a Chicago bartender was the first one to publish the recipe. The recipe for the Old-Fashioned is 2 ounces of bourbon or whisky, ½ ounces of simple syrup, two dashes of Angostura Bitter with a slice of orange or lemon peel. 

    Windy City's Signature Food

    The main reason for traveling to Chicago is their food. The city has over 8000 restaurants, various food festivals, and foodies all around the area. The one dish of Chicago that cannot be left mentioned is their signature Deep Dish Pizza.
    Deep Dish Pizza has been one of Chicago's most popular dishes. Pressing dough tightly across the sides and bottoms, the pie is full of gooey cheese. Then, it is followed by different kinds of meat, especially pepperoni and sausages. The layering process is repeated until the pie is topped with a thin layer of tomato sauce. 

    Movies Shot in Windy City

    Everything is set, the Classic Chicago cocktail with delicious Deep Dish Pizza. How about a movie that is shot in Chicago? Chicago has been featured in many films over the decade. As a result, deciding on one may be difficult. So we have picked some of the movies you can choose from. 
    If you are in a mood for action, you cannot miss Batman: The Dark Knight. Shot in Chicago and changed the city's name to Gotham, with an exciting plot and excellent acting, this movie is a classic action superhero movie. 
    But if you are in the mood for Romantic movies, you can choose Love Jones. It is about the romantic story between Nina and Darius, and the film opens with the Chicago city's view in the eye of Nina's eye. This movie is full of real relationship situations and conversations, which you cannot miss.

    Chicago's Souvenir You Cannot Miss

    Another thing Chicago is famous for, instead of its delicious food, is its sports teams. Indeed, you cannot feel like a Chicago citizen without a team jersey. Five professional sports teams call the city home like Chicago Bulls, Chicago Bears, and others. You can get different custom jerseys of the teams with varying names of players printed on the back. 
    Yes, it isn't easy to travel to different destinations at the very time, but you can use various creative ideas so that you feel you are there. It is not always about the destination, but how and with whom you spend your time.