Elevate Your Church Space with Our Water-Activated Murals

    A Comprehensive Installation Guide


    In the spiritual haven that your church embodies, every element holds the potential to echo the harmony, unity, and sanctity that your congregation cherishes. Our water-activated murals serve as a canvas that vividly paints the tale of your community, fostering deeper connections and reflections. Follow this guide to seamlessly install a mural that mirrors your church's spirit and mission.

    Step 1: Setting the Sacred Canvas

    Before embarking on this transformative journey, prepare the canvas that will soon narrate a visual story of your community.

    You will need:

    • A member of your congregation to assist (this is a two-person job)
    • A warm, damp cloth or sponge
    • A sense of community and excitement


    1. Remove old wallpaper and cleanse the wall with a warm, damp cloth or sponge, then let it dry completely.
    2. Sand down rough areas and fill gaps to achieve a smooth texture.
    3. Apply a layer of primer/mist if the wall is porous or has bright colors that may show through the mural.

    Step 2: Unfolding the Community Tapestry

    As you lay out the mural panels, envision the vibrant tapestry of community life that will soon adorn your church's space.


    1. Carefully unpack and lay the panels in order, ensuring they are undamaged and complete.
    2. Align the wallpaper panels correctly using a spirit level, measuring tool, and pencil to create faint vertical markings that will guide the installation.

    Step 3: Breathing Life into the Mural

    This step signifies the infusion of life and spirit into the mural, a testament to your church's vibrant community life.


    1. Activate the pre-pasted adhesive on the wallpaper with water, creating a sticky consistency that will adhere well to the wall.
    2. Allow each panel to rest for 3-5 minutes before starting the hanging process, ensuring the edges do not dry out.

    Step 4: Crafting the Visual Sermon

    As you hang the panels, witness the unfolding of a visual sermon that resonates with your church's mission and values.


    1. Start from the top left, aligning the panels with the marked vertical lines and ensuring a seamless pattern transition between panels.
    2. Smooth the panels using a damp sponge or a wallpaper smoothing tool, removing air bubbles as you go along.
    3. Trim off any excess paper using a trim guide and a sharp knife.

    Step 5: Witness the Transformation

    Allow the mural to dry for 24 hours, stepping back to witness the transformation that mirrors the nurturing spirit of your church.

    Conclusion: Embrace the New Horizon

    Witness the dawn of a new horizon in your church space, where every line and curve in the mural echoes the harmony and unity of your community. As a beacon of spirituality and guidance, you've now added a vibrant chapter to your church's visual story.

    Call to Action: Your Community Awaits

    Your community awaits this visual transformation, a vivid canvas that paints the spiritual journey and the unity of your congregation. Reach out to us for a mural that’s more than an aesthetic upgrade; it’s a spiritual journey mapped on your walls, a constant reminder of your noble mission.

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