Transform Your Sacred Spaces with Point Two Design Group's Effortless Peel-and-Stick Map Murals

    In the heart of every community lies a sacred space, a sanctuary where spirits are lifted and connections are forged. It's a place where design and purpose meet, creating a harmonious environment that inspires and uplifts. At the forefront of merging artistry with spirituality, the Point Two Design Group offers a transformative solution to embellish these sacred spaces, giving them a vibrant pulse that echoes the unique footprint of their locales. Enter the world of peel-and-stick map murals: a revolution in interior design that combines beauty with practicality, ready to redefine your church interiors with the grace and magnificence of customized geographical artistry.

    Easy to Apply and A Joy to Behold

    Gone are the days of cumbersome wallpaper applications that demanded a professional touch. With our peel-and-stick map murals and simple instructions, the power to redefine your space lies literally at your fingertips. Just peel the backing and stick it onto the wall. No need for glue or any other adhesive. Even the most intricate patterns unfold with ease, translating the heartbeat of cities into patterns and hues that resonate with the spiritual ethos of your church.

    Embrace Change with No Long-Term Commitment

    Church interiors are living canvases that evolve with the congregation. As your community grows and transforms, so can your interiors. Our murals offer the freedom to change, to refresh, and to re-envision without long-term commitments. If your taste changes or you just want to refresh the look, it's simple to remove and replace, offering a dynamic backdrop that mirrors the vibrant life of your community.

    DIY-Friendly: Craft Your Sanctuary with Love

    In the DIY era, personal touch translates to personal connection. Our murals are DIY-friendly, fostering a hands-on approach to interior decoration. Ideal for those who love to personalize their space, it doesn't require professional assistance, turning the act of decoration into a communal activity filled with joy and bonding.


    Worried about potential damages to your walls? Rest easy knowing our murals are damage-free, making them perfect for renters and those keen to avoid losing their security deposit. Adorn your walls with confidence, as the murals protect the sanctity of both your walls and your artistic vision.

    Cost-Effective Elegance that Speaks Volumes

    Embrace a cost-effective solution without compromising on style and elegance. Our peel-and-stick wallpapers are generally more affordable compared to traditional wallpapers or painting the wall anew, offering a high-impact visual appeal that is kind to your budget.

    Easy to Clean

    In the hustle and bustle of church activities, maintaining the pristine beauty of your interiors is a breeze. Our murals are easy to clean, with most being water-resistant. A simple wipe down with a damp cloth is enough to keep them looking fresh, vibrant, and ready to inspire day after day.

    In the quest to create a space that resonates with love, unity, and spiritual nourishment, Point Two Design Group stands as your ally. With our peel-and-stick map murals, transform your church into a living testament of beauty and community, where every corner echoes with stories, connections, and the silent whispers of the city it embraces. Let's embark on this sacred journey together, crafting spaces that nurture souls and foster bonds that transcend time. Reach out for a custom quote to begin your transformation today.